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Sunday April 20, 2014
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Featured Videos

Low Calorie Lunches

This delicious video serves as our current pilot and showcases both Drew and James’ passionate personalities, as well as some of James’ favorite Low Calorie Lunches. 

March Madness is the perfect opportunity to cook a meal just for the Guys. So TGCC decided to make two kinds of Philly Cheese Steaks- sure to satisfy all opponents.
Blackout Brisket

Check out our recent video in Kansas City as we host the largest tailgate in Arrowhead Stadium history. TGCC prepares our famous Blackout Brisket with Blackberry BBQ sauce.

Local Support

It all starts when you buy locally.  We support our community through our food and there dedication to their products support us.

Fresh Ingredients

The freshest ingredients will always be found at your local farmer's market.  Make friends with your purveyors and start enjoying the benefits.

Quality Products

Top quality spices add the extra attention to details which will set your meals apart and wow your guests at any occasion.






Pilot Coming Soon . . .

  • Action Against Hunger tab

    TGCC is dedicated to making a difference in the world, through our food. Help the ACF share our passion at an international level. Learn More...
  • Feeding America tab

    Hunger and malnourishment are not just third world problems. Millions of families in America go without food on a daily basis. Learn More...

Our Passion

Our passion for cooking stems from the close relationships we have with our family, friends and neighbors with whom we share meals.  We sincerely believe that anyone, guy or gal, is capable of preparing a breath-taking meal that will foster community and relationships for years to come.

Our Company

These Guys Can Cook is brought to you by Pendergast Productions.  Unlike others who simply put passion into their projects, we build projects around our passion. 

Connect With Us

  • Do you have an upcoming occasion that you could use the Guys’ advice with?  Send us a description and some ideas and we'll see what we can do…

  • How many times have you screwed up a simple breakfast?  Send us your quick question, such as: how do I make cheesy scrambled eggs for this girl?
  • Need an idea for dinner? Follow us and find out exactly what our friends and family are making tonight.


These Guys Can Cook is hosted by Drew Burbridge and James Spears. They don't own a restaurant or have professional training. They're two normal guys, here to show you how to use simple preparation, bold flavors and solid techniques that will have everyone in any situation saying, These Guys Can Cook...



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